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An ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified English Medium School Affiliated to Sainik Schools Society (Defence Ministry) and CBSE



An ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified English Medium School Affiliated With CBSE and Recognized by Sainik School Society


Registration and Choice Filling For Round 2 of e-counselling will start on 02-05-2024 at 08:00AM
Shortlisted Candidates in Round-1 for provisional admission to schools are requested to take necessary action by 23:55h on 12 Apr 2024. No action by candidates within the timeline for Round-1 would cancel their candidature for subsequent rounds
Registration of Candidates for Round-1 is open upto 23:55hrs on 31 Mar 2024. No further extension for registration for Round 1 would be given.

Admission Guidelines
& Procedure

Admissions Are Strictly On The Basis Of Merit. Use Of Influence For Admission Will Lead To Disqualification Of The Candidate. Following Documents Must Be Submitted Along With The Application.

Following Documents Must Be Submitted Along with the Application

  • Photocopy of marks-sheet of previous class.
  • For mid session admission/transfer cases, photocopy of progress-report up to the last term exam of the current year.
  • Birth certificate issued by recognized authority.
  • Character certificate.
  • A sum of Rs.500/- by cash/DD in favor of Samvid Gurukulam to be paid towards registration and entrance exam fees.

Note: Incomplete forms without requisite attachments will be rejected.

Admission Rules

  • Admission is open for boys & girls up to Std V as day boarders or residential students and for girls from Std. VI to XI as residential students every year.
  • Admission to higher classes is subject to availability of vacancies and at the discretion of school- management.
  • Admission is open for all eligible candidates irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  • For admission to Std. VI, candidates must be of 10-12 years of age as on July 1 of that year and should have passed Std. V. preferably from an English medium school.
  • Prospectus including application form, can be obtained from school counter by paying Rs.300/- in cash.
  • Out station candidates can obtain prospectus by sending a demand draft for Rs.500/- in favor of Samvid Gurukulam payable at Vrindavan (Mathura).
  • Candidate has to qualify in the entrance exam in English language. Entrance exam subjects include: Language, Maths, Reasoning., Science and General Knowledge.
  • The selected candidates shall pay fees as per schedule on or before specified day failing which the seat shall be offered to the next candidates on the waiting list.
  • Nothing of the fees/Deposits shall be refunded in case the candidate does not join the school after securing admission.
  • Candidates qualifying the written test will have to undergo personal interview followed by physical & medical tests.
  • Written test will be appropriate to the standard to which the admission is sought.
  • Personal interview shall be conducted to ascertain candidate’s confidence level, General awareness, sense of accommodation and sociability etc.
  • Normally, students are admitted only at the beginning of the academic year, as per admission schedule of the year.
  • Students are permitted to join school only on full payment of First installment and other charges in advance as per rules of the school. Next due installment of fees must be paid within due date. Defaulters will pay Rs. 100 as penalty otherwise your ward’s admission will be cancelled.
  • Every student must submit 10 (ten) copies of recent passport size photographs at the time of admission.
  • Leaving certificate from the previous school should be obtained only after admission to this school has been confirmed after full payments of fees.
  • Non-submission of school leaving certificate will render the admission invalid and fees paid shall be forfeited.
  • Military and residential nature of the school distinguishes it from other school. Parents are therefore advised to prepare their child psychologically to adjust herself/himself to the changed environment.

Payment of Fees and Other Dues

Payment Charges Schedule For Fees & Deposits And Other Charges Can Be Separately Obtained From The Accounts Department. Kindly Note That The Fee And Deposits Etc. Are Subject To Revision From Time To Time And Shall Be Binding As And When Revised. No Student Will Be Allowed To Appear For The Final Examination Unless All Dues For The Session Have Been Paid In Full. Accounts Of Expenditure Of Any Fees Shall Not Be Provided.


On Own Request

Withdrawal Of Students Is Not Permitted Before The Completion Of Std. XII. In Case Parents Still Wish To Withdraw Their Child For Any Reason. A Written Request Must Be Submitted Personally By Registered Post, At Least One Month In Advance However, FULL FEES For The Current Year Will Be Payable. The Security Deposits And Caution Money Will Be Forfeited. However, The Withdrawal Will Be As Per The School Rules.

On Disciplinary Grounds

Since Heavy Stress Is Laid On Discipline, School Authorities Reserve Their Right To Expel / Ask For Withdrawal Of A Student In Case:-

  • Student fails in the same class for two consecutive years
  • Student leaves the school premises without proper permission.
  • Student is caught for examination-malpractices.
  • Student is considered unable to adjust herself/himself to the routine of the school.

On Disciplinary Grounds

Student Can Be Withdrawn From School In Case He/She Is Found Medically Or Physically Unfit To Undergo The School Routine. Student Can Also Be Withdrawn If They Are Suffering From A Sickness That Is Likely To Have Harmful Effect On Other Students. No Deposits Shall Be Refundable In Such Case.

School Rules


1. All entries in the diary from the school must be shown to parents and entries made by the parents to be brought to the notice of the relevant school staff.
2. In the event of diary being lost or spoiled, another diary will be issued on payment of Rs.100/-.


1. Students must come to school wearing the complete & correct school uniform.
2. Students must take pride in wearing the school uniform and must invariably come to school wearing the school uniform even during examinations, PTM, result day, organized trips, etc.
3. All Jerseys, sweaters, uniform accessories, scarfs and caps must be marked with the student’s name, class & section in order to enable the school to restore lost property to the rightful
4. Sikh boys must wear maroon patka/turban.
5. Students must wear identity cards at all times as part of the school uniform.
6. In the event of I-card being lost or spoiled, duplicate I-card will be issued on payment of Rs. 60/-
7. All boys must keep their hair short (expect Sikh boys) and girls must tie up their hair neatly with ribbons/in a bun.
8. No student is allowed to wear more than two hair pins., make puffs, hair colour, mehendi, tattoos or nail polish. No bracelets, Fancy pendants, amulets are to be worn by the students.


1. Strict discipline must be maintained within the school premises.
2. Students must not litter the school premises. They must keep their classrooms, corridors and campus as clean as possible and throw leftovers into the dustbins only.
3. Students must respect the school property. Damage done even by accident must be reported at once and will be made good by the one who caused it.
4. Students are expected to be courteous at all times.
5. Students must not be found shouting and shrieking in the corridors.
6. Students must not bully fellow students and/or use foul language.
7. Students must carry text books, notebooks and stationery according to the time table.
8. Every student must carry a tiffin box, a table mat, a clean napkin and a handkerchief every day. Students must have their refreshments in the break time only.
9. Non vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in the school campus.
10. Facilitation of eatables and/or other items and communication with parents of hostel students by day scholar students is strictly prohibited. There is surprise frisking at frequent intervals also.
11. Playing with colours or bursting of crackers within the school premises and school buses is prohibited.
12. Elaborate birthday celebrations are not allowed in the school.
13. Mobile phones, Ipods, smart watches, etc. are prohibited in the school. If a student is found
carrying any of these, it will be confiscated immediately.
14. Students must speak in English in the school campus.
15. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student whose conduct is unbecoming and
unsuitable to the school. Immorality, grave insubordination, contempt of authority or willful
damage to property can lead to suspension/expulsion from the school.
16. Students must refrain from giving gifts to teachers on any occasion.
17. Every student should take care of his/her personal belongings. School Authorities do not take
any responsibility for the loss of such belongings. 


1. Regularity in attendance is most essential. The minimum requirement of attendance is 75%.
2. Attendance is compulsory on the first and last working day of every term.
3. Students must report to school on time. School gates are closed five minutes after the bell.
4. Parent should fill the leave record for each day the student is absent from school stating the
reason for absence.
5. No student who has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class without the
filled leave record signed by concerned parent.
6. Student who has been sick should bring a medical certificate from registered doctor on
joining school.
7. Students are not allowed to go home once they come to school in the morning. Appointment
with doctors or any social engagements must not be arranged during school hours. No partial
attendance will be permitted.
8. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days
renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be
granted only after payment of re-admission fee at the discretion of the Principal.


It is a matter of deep concern that parents allow children suffering from infectious ailments to
attend classes or examinations. Such conduct can result in an epidemic outbreak in the
At the first sign of any rash fever, the child should be medically examined and sent to school
only on the advice of a doctor. On return at home for the period of quarantine as advised by a
doctor. On return to school, a medical fitness certificate, duly signed by a doctor, should be
submitted to the office.
Ouarantine period recommended for –
a) Chicken Pox – 3 weeks
(till the complete failing of scabs)
b) Measles – 2 weeks
 c) Mumps -2 weeks
 d) Conjunctivitis -1 week
 e) Jaundice -4 weeks
 f) Covid (any variant) – (As per government Guidelines) 
If children come to school with infectious diseases, they will be sent back home.


1. Regularity in tests/ examinations is a must for the students
2. Ailing students will not be allowed to appear for a test/examination Parents must not send
them to school. They must submit a medical certificate from a registered practitioner along
with copies of doctor’s prescription and lab test reports so that the final result of the student is
not affected.
3. If a student is absent in any test for non-medical reason, he/she will be awarded zero in the
4. Promotion to the next class will be on the basis of assessment of assignment, class test, term
examinations, class work and home work. Students absenting themselves from any test or
examination will not be re-examined.
5. No re-test will be conducted in case a student fails at the end of the academic year.
6. Results of tests and exams should be signed by the parents.
7. Students must have a minimum 75% attendance during the academic year in order to qualify
for appearance in the Annual Examination & subsequent promotion.


1. The fee can be paid online through school app. Once the fee is paid the parent is suggested to
download their fee receipt.
2. Fee in cash must be deposited in School only during office hours.
3. A fine as mentioned in the fee structure shall be levied on payments made after the due date.
4. If fees are accumulated beyond three months, the name of the students will be struck off the
rolls and re-admission charges as mentioned in fee structure would apply thereafter.
5. Students whose dues are not cleared will not be allowed to appear for the examination.
Neither Report Card nor Transfer Certificate will be issued till all accounts are fully settled.
6. Parents will keep the receipt issued with them and produce it whenever needed by the school
for verifications.


1. Students must maintain absolute silence in the library.
2. Students are not allowed to bring their books and other personal belongings into the library.
3. The Students must come to the library in a single line according to their roll numbers.
4. The students are allowed to go directly to the shelves and take two books of their choice. They must put the books back on the same shelf after reading to maintain order and decorum in the library.
 5. The students can be issued one book for a period of a week.
 6. Students must return the library book by the due date. Failure to do so will amount to a fine of Rs. 5/- per day.
 7. Books marked, disfigured, damaged or lost will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower. Reference books, periodicals and magazines are to be read in the library only. 


1. Students who avail the school bus transport facility should report to the assigned pick-up point
at least five minutes before the stipulated time.
2. The buses will not wait for any late comers.
3. The drivers are authorized to stop the buses only at the designated stops. No diversion/
extension will be entertained on existing routes.
4. No student will be permitted to board a bus other than the one to which he/she is assigned.
5. Students will board the bus in an orderly manner giving due priority to younger students.
6. Students must listen to the bus staff (driver & conductor) and follow their directions. The
driver has the authority of the classroom teacher.
7. If crossing the street to board the bus, students MUST look both left and right for vehicles,
make sure the RED lights are flashing, and wait for the driver’s signal to cross. Always cross
the street in FRONT of the bus.
8. Before boarding and after exiting the bus, students must keep a safe distance from the bus.
Keep at least 10 FEET away from the bus.
9. Students are to enter the bus promptly, immediately take their seats, and remain seated
whenever the bus is moving.
10. Students are to conduct themselves on the bus in such a way that will not distract the driver.
Distracting the driver puts everyone on the bus at risk.
11. Students must remain properly seated at all times.
12. Students must remain out of the driver’s seat and refrain from unnecessary conversation with
the driver while the bus is in motion.
13. Students are not to touch the emergency equipment on the bus (emergency doors, windows,
roof hatches, body fluid/first aid kits, 2-way radios, etc.) except as directed by the driver or
during an actual emergency.
14. The bus windows should not be opened without permission from the driver.
15. Students are to keep all body parts inside the bus. (Hands, arms, head, hair, etc)
16. Students are to keep their hands and feet to themselves. (No fighting, horseplay)
17. Students are not to eat or drink while on the bus.
18. Students are not to throw objects of any kind either inside the bus, out of the bus, or around
the bus.
19. Students should help keep the bus clean sanitary and orderly. They must not damage or abuse
bus seats or equipment.
20. Students are not to use abusive language or profanity, obscene or rude gestures or spit while
on the bus.
21. Students may NOT bring large musical instruments, any animals balloons, glass containers or
objects, or large school projects onto the bus.
22. Students are not to leave the bus without the driver’s permission, except on arrival at their
assigned bus stop or at school.
23. Students must ride their assigned bus to and from their assigned stop Switching buses for any
reason is strictly prohibited unless approved by the transportation department.
24. Following the Bus Safety Rules and Regulations will ensure safety, prompt arrivals and
departures of buses, and positive attitudes on the part of students. Violations of these rules
may result in the suspension of bus privileges.
25. The Student Code of Conduct applies to behavior on the school bus and at the bus stop.
26. In case of shifting the residence after registration, bus facility will only be provided, if bus
facility is available in that particular route.
27. Bus facility once availed will not be discontinued in middle of the year on parent request.


Irregularity, careless and untidy work in academics, lack of punctuality, failure of the student to be
in proper school uniform over a period of time, any act of misconduct or bad behavior and /or
dissatisfactory performance may lead to suspension from school for a period of time depending on
the degree of non conformance. Repeated non conformance may lead to rustication from the school.
Anecdotal records of students are maintained by the school. The decision of the proctorial board is


1. Students are strictly not allowed to touch any equipment of Digital Smart Class i.e. Board,
Computer, Projector, Pen, etc. without permission of concerned teacher.
2. Any unauthorized usage or damage of the above can result into penalty, reimbursement of
the damages and also expulsion from school.


1. Please read and understand the contents of this diary and doubts(if any )can be cleared from
the school.
2. Ensure that the diary is carried to school by your ward each day.
3. Please check the diary each day for entries from the school and also use the diary for any
communication with the school.
4. Ensure strict adherence to the prescribed uniforms, cleanliness and personal hygiene of your
5. See that all required text/note books and stationery are carried each day to school as per time
6. Check if homework and other assignments are completed as required.
7. Parents should furnish to school their latest office and residential addresses and telephone
numbers. These are vital in the interest of the safety of the student.
8. No money is to be given for events organized by the school unless asked through a circular.
9. Parents of playgroup, nursery, lower K.G., and upper K.G. must write the names of their
wards on their belongings with a permanent marker. They should also send an extra set of
clothes in their school bags to be used in case of emergency.
10. Under no circumstances parents are allowed to directly walk to the classrooms. They need to
have prior appointment for any genuine reason to meet the teachers only in the visitors
11. Experience has shown that many parents are indifferent to the progress, welfare and
discipline of their wards and in many cases awareness comes too late, proving that home
school interaction is most vital. To fulfill this, parent teacher meetings are organized from
time to time. Parents are advised to attend all PTM and contribute to the well being of their
12. Parents must refrain from sending gifts to teachers on any occasion.
13. The name of the student, class and section must be marked on all personal belongings to
facilitate recovery if lost in the school premises.
14. The school strongly discourages private tuitions. The teaching program in the school is good
enough for the students to perform well, provided they are attentive in the class and realize
their responsibilities. The habit of self-study and regularity in reading must be encouraged at
15. Parents are not permitted to interact with teachers and students during school hours. In case
of any emergency, the P.R.O. must be contacted.
16. Parents should keep in mind that as coeducators of the child, it is very essential to observe
the dress code when they are in school premises. Pedal bushers, Bermuda, shorts or any tight
fitting or suggestive clothing could be a source of distraction or deviation from the normal
17. Healthy or nutritious food should be packed for tiffin along with a napkin.
18. Parents of preprimary classes must bring their parents pass for taking the child from school

Rules for hostel students

1. Hostellers will follow the daily routine of the hostel and school, unless exempted on medical
grounds or recommended by hostel warden. Physical exercise, meditation, sports, games, yoga,
sanskaram, aarti are compulsory for all hostellers.
2. Hostellers are expected to behave well in public and represent their school with pride.
3. Hostellers are not allowed to keep valuables, jewellery and any other articles, which are not
approved by the school authorities.
4. Students are not permitted to keep any money or cash with them during their stay in the hostel.
5. Hostellers must take part in all the educational activities arranged by the school or hostel.
6. Cupboards must be arranged neatly. Surprise checks will be made by hostel warden. Any extra
item, other than those specified in the hostel kit will be confiscated.
7. The Hostel warden/Principal or any other official of the school along with security guards may
at their discretion inspect/check any room or belongings of the students living there at any time
of the day or night.
8. Students must not keep with them laptop, mobile, CD players, razors, blades, heaters, kettles,
irons, immersion rods.
9. Hostellers must remain, and study in their respective rooms/dorms or classrooms during study
time as directed by the authority. During study hours all students must devote their time to
academic preparation. They must not waste this time in taking bath or any other activities.
10. Any willful damage to or theft of hostel property or other’s property will be regarded as a breach
of school / hostel rules and the student would be fined by hostel authorities.
11. Students must work independently unless they are allowed for a group study session with full
knowledge of hostel warden. Group study sessions will happen in common areas and not in
individual rooms.
12. Ragging or bullying of any kind is severely punishable and may lead to expulsion from the
school. As such, students are advised not to indulge in any such activity. No one is permitted to
subject any other student to any kind of ill treatment, either physical or mental. Any child
involved in any immoral act is liable to be expelled without warning, and there will be no
reconsideration whatsoever. There will be no refund of fee in such cases.
13. No student is permitted to buy, sell or exchange goods or lend or borrow money from each other
or from the staff. Nor are they allowed to do so with any day scholar.
14. Laundry is given on the days notified by competent authority. It will be washed pressed and
returned to the hostellers as approved by the hostel council. In case of loss or damage, the
hostellers must inform the laundry personnel immediately. The complaint could also be entered
in the complaint book provided in the hostel.
15. Students should bring to the notice of the Warden any pending maintenance work (Civil,
Carpentry, Electrical, Sanitation) to be carried out in dorms/rooms, corridors, toilets or other
areas in hostel premises.
16. If any maintenance work is to be carried out when the room is under occupation, it is the
occupant’s responsibility to make the room available for the maintenance work.
17. The resident of a room/dormitory is responsible for any damage to the property in the room
during her/his occupancy of that room and will be required to replace/repair at their own cost the
damage, if any.
18. Room services are strictly prohibited. For sick student, separate food will be prepared in mess
and will be served in his/her room, if so required.
19. Engaging in sourcing eatables and / or other items and / or communication with parents through
dayscholar students by hostel students is strictly prohibited. There is surprise frisking at frequent
intervals also.
20. Bathrooms must be used for bathing only. Items such as empty bottles, sanitary pads, soap
wrappers etc. should be disposed off in the dustbins provided in the bathrooms.
21. The inmates should not throw any dirt or waste from the windows.
22. Students should not arrange any functions or meetings within the hostel or outside without
specific permission of the concerned authorities.
23. Any case of theft should be reported promptly to the Warden.
24. All the students shall interact with the staff in a courteous manner.
25. Taps in bathroom/toilets must be closed, whenever they are not in use. Fans and lights must be
switched off whenever the students leave their rooms. They must switch off all lights, when they
go to bed. In case it is noticed that the fans/lights are switched-on in the bolted room, a penalty
will be imposed for wasting the precious energy.
26. All students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. Daily bath and
personal cleanliness is essential. Wearing fresh socks and underclothing every day is must.
Students are to tidy up their own rooms, beds and cupboards.
27. The lights off time will be notified later on and the students are expected to abide by the rule.
28. Any boarder falling sick, will report to the Hostel Warden, who will record the action taken, in
the sick register. It should be signed both by the student and Warden.
29. Hostellers will not be allowed to keep and take medicines/tonics without the knowledge of the
Hostel Warden.
30. Students will be punished for scribbling any graffiti on the walls/furniture, using foul language,
indulging in unruly behavior in the corridors, or for any other form of vandalism.
31. Mess menu will be designed by the hostel management committee normally on term basis, in
consultation with mess manager and approval of the Principal.
32. The students should strictly observe the prescribed mess timings. Late or early food/breakfast
will be served only in exceptional cases, with prior consent of the mess manager.
33. Wastage of food in the mess must be avoided.
34. Mess utensils are not to be taken out of the dining hall.
35. During peak hours, it is observed that it becomes difficult to cater to the demands of all the
students dining at a time. The students should, therefore, wait patiently for their turn to be
served. Mess manager will take care to serve the students effectively during peak hours.
36. Eatables from outside are strictly prohibited inside the hostel.

Cooperation from parents of hostel students

** Parents and guardians should carefully read the rules and regulations of the school, as well
as hostel. Lack of knowledge of rules and regulations cannot be accepted as an excuse.
1. Any application for attending marriages, functions or any other events during the school term
will not be entertained, unless it pertains to the parents or siblings. Written permission in this
regard must be obtained in time.
2. The students must report on the given date after the vacation/leave. In case of any emergency,
written request giving detailed reasons, should be provided by the parents to the principal and a
written permission must be obtained to condone the delay in arrival.
3. Parents are requested not to confirm leave from students over phone. Parents should
confirm over phone with warden then only plan to come to take the child.
4. Circulars regarding vacations with required information are sent to parents/guardians through
Whatsapp / Call / School App / SMS and put on the school’s website in advance so parents are
expected to go through them carefully and act accordingly.
5. Parents are requested to send leave application with supporting documents to hostel email id or whatsapp No.9412777156 in the cases of medical
necessity, special occasion or extreme emergency.
6. Parents/guardians are not permitted to meet the hostellers, without the permission of the Hostel
Wardens. They will be allowed to meet the students only once in a month either second or fourth
Sunday with prior written permission from Hostel warden. Parents are advised not to contact the
students during mandatory study hours.
7. Due to security reasons, only parents/ guardians whose photographs are kept in the authorized
register at the hostel are permitted to visit the students and take them for outing / vacations /
8. Parents should not supply medicines & eatables to the students, unless, specially advised by the
family doctor. These must be handed over to the warden along with instruction/prescription
regarding its administration. Such medicines are to be administered entirely at the cost and
responsibility of the parents.
9. On school holidays (Summer Vacation, Winter Vacation, Diwali holidays) students are not
allowed to remain in the hostel. Parents have to get the tickets done keeping the school schedule
in mind. No students will be allowed to leave early or extend the given holidays.
10. Students are allowed to talk to the parents from official phone on fixed days (Once a week) only
on registered numbers. Video Calls are only allowed on the Child’s Birthday.
11. All the belongings of the students must be marked with indelible ink showing their full name &
class. Parents must bring all the items listed for hostel.
12. The change of status from boarder to day scholar will not be entertained in the mid session.
13. Please ensure that your ward is properly vaccinated before she/he is admitted to the hostel.
Without this the student will not be admitted in the hostel and the following vaccinations are
• Anti Hepatitis A+B
• Chicken pox
• Cholera
• Typhoid
• Allergic Condition

14. Candidate should undergo basic medical examinations including eye check- up, Hb and has to
submit her previous medical reports at the time of admission.
15. In case a student is very ill & is to be hospitalized, the parents are informed immediately as long
as she/he is admitted. The parents will not be informed for minor ailments as long as she is
admitted to the school MI room.
16. Do not give / send home made eatables or confectionery or any other eatables to your child
while coming to hostel.
17. Parents must not indulge in passing eatables and / or other items and /or information through day
scholar students. There is surprise frisking at frequent intervals also.

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